About Rotimatic

Zimplistic Inc is a product incubator, and one of the 15 Singapore startups that received grants totalling $6 million from SPRING Singapore. In 2009, it announced Rotimatic, the world’s first automatic flatbread maker.

Through a series of mechanical components and sensors, Rotimatic automates the otherwise time-consuming and tactile process of making rotis other types of flatbreads.

Zimplistic approached rtCamp to help them build a WooCommerce powered product website complete with a blog, user log in and global store.

Services delivered

  • WooCommerce Customization
  • Stripe Integration
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Server Architecture & Maintenance
  • Ongoing Support
“rtCamp were excellent across the board- with their timelines, professionalism, and work quality”

Rishi Israni

Co-Founder & CEO of Rotimatic

The Project

Given the uniqueness of Rotimatic, we were thrilled to be able to work with Zimplistic. When they contacted us, Rotimatic’s product design, manufacturing dates and marketing plans were set. What they needed was a website to establish their online presence.

Based on Rotimatic’s business requirements, rtCamp divided the project into the following phases.

Phase 1: Creation of a fully functional website based on provided designs. The website would have an easy-to-use dashboard to manage content, and fast page load times. Commencement of an ongoing maintenance and long-term support contract. 

Phase 2: Addition of pre-order functionality using WooCommerce.

Phase 3: Addition of a ‘My Account’ section that would allow customers to manage their Rotimatic accounts.

The Design

Zimplistic had already created visual designs for the proposed Rotimatic website. The site had a few specific requirements that rtCamp integrated into the design.

  1. Build a image + text slider into the website to prominently display an overview of Rotimatic.
  2. Use a pop-up window to display the product video, instead of embedding it on the page and increasing visual complexity. 
  3. Integrate a sign up form at the top of the page so that potential customers can subscribe and be notified when Rotimatic launched in their region.
  4. Reveal as many features and advantages as possible on the home page, while maintaining readability. In order to reduce page length, these were presented within two horizontally tabbed areas. 

The backend template options created by rtCamp were designed to be in sync with what appeared on the frontend. This eliminated dependency and enabled them to independently update all content and landing pages.

Server and Scaling

In order to handle the anticipated maximum traffic of 10,000+ users, rtCamp set up a dedicated web server with Nginx. A FastCGI cache was deployed alongside a CDN that served static files (images, videos, scripts) and configured with edge locations across 4 continents.

However, come the day of launch, Rotimatic’s product demo video went viral and received around one million views in a span of just four weeks.

This contributed to a tremendous traffic surge of 30,000+ hits that consumed more than 1200 GB of CDN bandwidth within 2 days of the launch. 

Despite this massive surge in traffic, Rotimatic’s site stayed fully functional and available across 4 continents.

Ongoing Maintenance

rtCamp created well-defined schedules for regular server maintenance, backups and WordPress & plugin updates. 

After the initial launch of Rotimatic’s new website, rtCamp continued working with Zimplistic to refine its design and functionality. Rotimatic’s site continues to evolve as new tools and best practices become available.


rtCamp successfully worked around a tight schedule and in collaboration with a remote Zimplistic team to deliver a stable WooCommerce-powered solution with flexible content management tools.

rtCamp continues to partner with Zimplistic to provide ongoing support, WordPress development and server management services. 

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