BloggerToWP.orgFrom 3.5 years, we are helping bloggers move their blogs from to self-hosted WordPress platform.

It started with a Blogger to WordPress tutorial on Devils Workshop in January 2009. Then moved on to a dedicated portal – (see screenshot) where we took it to a new level.

Today, we are happy to announce that our most successful portal is merging into – our main website!

So far we helped…

Looks like a going great so far!

They why did we decide to move it…

There is a saying, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 

But, at rtCamp, we believe in competing with ourself only. If we can make it better, we will just do it, irrespective of our market position and other stats.

Sometime back, we felt that we can further improve Blogger to WordPress migration process. To accomplish this, we need to invest great deal of efforts and we wanted to do that without making our service too costly! To create win-win situation here, we decided to take back energy we were putting into maintaing a dedicated portal, a dedicated support forum, a dedicated facebook page, a dedicated twitter page & other assets.

Self-proclaimed SEO experts may call us fool as domain used to get insanely good ranking on “Blogger To WordPress” keyword. But we never cared about search engines as we run our portal for humans and this change will help humans further!

Finally, this change was also essential for reimagined rtCamp!

A word about future Blogger To WordPress Migration

  1. Apart from our open-source WordPress plugin, we have maintained another WordPress plugin to help our paying customers. This in-house plugin has more features. Going ahead, we plan to merge both into one plugin!
  2. We have some tools to test if migration is 100% successful. We will be integrating these tools into future version of our WordPress plugin.
  3. Automatic quote generator for bloggers who are interested in hiring us. This will save everybody’s time. We will be putting up a open-pricing page, so that you will get an idea about our pricing structure.

We will continue to support bloggers moving from to self-hosted WordPress in every possible way because we believe moving to WordPress is right thing to do.

You can check new Blogger to WordPress section on rtCamp here. Happy blogging! 🙂