Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used to identify and locate the network nodes. The IP address space is managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) globally.

Recently IANA announced the global shortage of IP v4 allocation. The  major cause of exhaustion is insufficient capacity and weak internet infrastructure of IPv4 followed by increased demand of addresses and limited supply.

Global IP Policy Change:

As per new guidelines every Dedicated IP has to be associated with an SSL Certificate. One cannot use a dedicated IP without SSL certificate.  If permitted from hosting providers, the existing users might be able to continue the current IP’s until it reaches the expiration period. However, you need to purchase the SSL, while renewing the IP’s.

Its an additional measure imposed by IANA to ensure the secure use of IP addresses. As its a global IP shortage issue, one of the probable solution is deployment of IPv6. Hopefully we would be able to see it soon in near future.

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