GNI launches program to help publishers uplift ad revenue 

The open web is evolving fast and giving us tools to build awe-inspiring, highly engaging user experiences. But for small and midsize publishers, who are already struggling with shrinking digital advertising revenue, committing resources to build out better user experiences is becoming increasingly hard.

As of today, building good user experiences is no longer just “a good thing to have”, but can be a competitive edge as Core Web Vitals have become ranking factors a few months ago.

Fortunately, Google News Initiative (GNI) has launched a program aimed at small and medium-sized news publishers in India to help them with training, tooling, and technical support. The goal is to help the publishers increase their advertising revenue.

This program is not limited to only English language publishers but will support all local/regional language publications in India.

Having worked with Google on projects such as AMP for WordPress, Web Stories, and NewsPack, we are confident that this program will help in improving more than just your ad revenue. We are seeing increasing interest by publishers to get their teams to understand the Core Web Vitals and modern web at large. This program presents a sponsored opportunity to learn from the best.

Please remember application window closes on Nov 5, 2021, and all applications will go through an eligibility criteria.

We started our journey as a small publisher so we do understand the pain points for small publishers. If you have any questions about the GNI program or its application process, we would be happy to answer them as well as assist in application submission. We have set up a dedicated mailbox for such requests at

Happy publishing!

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