The Gutenberg editor has been a polarizing addition to WordPress ever since it was merged with the core back in version 5.0. Adoption has been on the up though, accelerated by the abundance of learning resourcesdeveloper tools, and buy-in from agencies and individuals in the ecosystem.

The proof is in the pudding: brands are starting to see the upside of Gutenberg and build their online presence around it. And now, Gutenberg is big enough that you can make a career out of it! Go ahead and check out our listing for Gutenberg Engineers and all other open positions on our careers website.

That’s a key indicator of growth for you right there!

Releases 🔈

  • WordPress 5.5 was released this month, with contributions from 805 individual contributors, many from 215 agencies within WP’s massive ecosystem (including contributions by 6 rtCampers!) Here’s an excellent Twitter thread by Jb Audras covering the numbers behind the release.

    Once again, “the beauty of open source really shines through in its ecosystem. From indie websites to the enterprise-scale web platforms, solution providers that cater to every niche and budget are abundant. They also are involved with the process of building WordPress itself.”
  • The EasyEngine team released a new version of EE with added ability to output site info in JSON format and domain alias support for HTML, PHP and WP sites, among other optimizations and bug fixes. Read more here and here
  • rtMedia now supports Amazon S3 pre-signed URLs.

Insights 🔮

  • Managing a network with thousands of websites so that it is secure, performant and consistent can be a challenging proposition. A multisite network of this scale needs a strong framework of enterprise-grade solutions and hosting. WordPress and the VIP Go platform provided just that and helped transform KHM Travel’s multisite network of 4,500+ websites. Read the full story here.
From: Multisite VIP Migration and Codebase Audit for KHM Travel Group
  • Jamstack websites are ever-growing in popularity, and for good reason: who doesn’t want a blazing fast, modern website? But what if you could pair the goodness that a mature CMS like WordPress provides with the blazing speed of a Jamstack? Muhammad Muhsin explores this idea at the WordPress Colombo meetup. His full talk and slide deck are available for your perusal.
From: WordPress on the Jamstack – Slide Deck

That’s it for August, see you next month!

Links: Careers with Gutenberg | How WordPress powers KHM Travels’ 4,500+ website network