Monthly Roundup October 2018

Hello, world! 🤗

Hope you had a fantastic October, Oktoberfest, and Halloween! 🍻 🎃

October was a quite an eventful month for us. We have a lot to share, so let me be quick with the updates! 🏃

Automattic Design Awards 🏆

Automattic has launched its first ever Design Awards for the WordPress ecosystem. There are three award categories – Best Site, Best Solution, and Best Style.

You can visit the official award site to understand the differences. Also, if you feel that you have created a design that makes a difference, you should visit the award site to be a part of this occasion!

Please send your entries by the 16th of November! ⏰

Link: Automattic Design Award

(Disclosure: I am one of the jury members)

Google AMP Roadshow Mumbai 2018 ⚡

Six rtCampers attended the AMP Roadshow Mumbai 2018. Pradeep, our VP of Engineering, was a guest speaker. He demonstrated the use of AMP for WordPress plugin.

Notably, he spoke about how AMP can be used to run the entire network of WordPress sites all over, including desktops. You can head over to directly to see how the whole site looks like, with AMP implementation.

Pradeep’s speaker slides are here and we are here to answer any of your AMP related questions. ☎️ 📬

Unrelated to the event above, Sagar from our team contributed to the main AMP project.

Link: Our experience at AMP Roadshow Mumbai 2018

EasyEngine RC1 🚀

This would be the most exciting update for EasyEngine users.

We released the first RC version last week. The best part is that we are already using it on and on most of our production sites, at this moment.

We hope to give you the final version by mid-November. ✌️

If you can help us with testing or documentation, it would be really helpful. 🙏

Link: EasyEngine RC1 Release Post

rtMedia ⏯️

For rtMedia users, we have some minor updates:

Link: rtMedia

WordCamp Kochi 🌴

We are excited to be a part of WordCamp Kochi 2018.

You can catch up with Nirmal Desai, our Biz Dev manager, on our sponsor’s desk. Nirmal is also one of the speakers at the event. He will be sharing his experience of working with our enterprise clientele. 🎤

Link: WordCamp Kochi 2018

Traditional Day 👘

We ended October by celebrating the Traditional Day at rtCamp. Traditional Day has nothing to do with Halloween, so don’t get confused if you don’t find our costumes to be spooky enough! 👻

As there is no emoji for Indian traditional attire, I borrowed Kimono emoji from our Japanese friends. 🇯🇵 👘

That’s all for the month of October! 🍻

Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali, from all rtCampers! 💥


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