During September 2013, we had two major premium plugin launches.

rtMedia PRO

First, it was rtMedia PRO, an add-on that enhances the capabilities of rtMedia’s core. We are continuing extended development with this plugin, and have had two weekly releases already.

We expect more weekly updates to follow, until the final release comes out in less than a couple of months.

Note: Till the end of October 2, 2013, rtMedia PRO and all other rtMedia add-ons will be available for a discount of 25%. Use our promo code RTMEDIA25 to avail of this!

Wufoo to Gravity Forms Importer

The Wufoo to Gravity Forms Importer was the next premium plugin. This plugin comes with a remarkably intuitive interface to import data from Wufoo accounts into Gravity Forms. The import process is fail safe, and works even with millions of entries.

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