Let us start by thanking all the students who applied to rtCamp. In the first seven days, we have received an overwhelming response to our campus drive. As of writing, we have over 2500 registrations and over 850 students who have cleared the 50% cutoff. This is more than 10x students than we anticipated. 

Since we don’t do cookie-cutter technical interviews, we are forced to rework our interview schedule so as to accommodate as many 1-1 conversations as possible. Unfortunately, this will likely mean a delay.

On behalf of rCamp, we regret this delay.

The Way Forward

From the 26th of April onwards, we will commence with 1-1 technical interviews, starting at the top of our quiz leaderboard. Rest assured, we will work our way down to each one of you who has cleared either the old (50%) or new (80%) criteria. 

However, with more than 850 conversations ahead of us, we are anticipating this process to take 8-10 weeks. In the meantime, we can suggest you a couple of actions.

  1. Jump the Queue: Attempt to solve one of these programming challenges. On the basis of your success in solving the challenge and originality of your code, your interview will be scheduled on a priority basis, irrespective of your quiz score.
  2. Consider other agencies in the WordPress ecosystem: WordPress powers more than 40% of the web. This means that WordPress engineering jobs are aplenty. Consider applying to other agencies via dedicated job boards for WordPress such as jobs.wordpress.net and poststatus.com/jobs. You can sharpen your skills through several free resources like the one at learn.rtcamp.com.


We understand that you might have questions. Write to campus@rtcamp.com with your registered email address.

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