rtMedia PRO’s newest weekly release adds playlists for audio in WordPress and BuddyPress.

Playlists Feature

When the playlist feature is enabled by administrators, every site member’s media page comes with a Playlists tab.

Grouping audio into playlists

Users can open an audio file, and hit the Add to Playlist button. A dropdown appears to let you choose from an existing playlist, or create a new one.

To download a playlist for use in your favorite media player, go to the desired playlist’s page and click the Download button.

Media view count

This release also adds a new minor feature: A media view count to indicate how many times a media item (photo, audio, video or playlist) has been viewed.


Pricing and upgrades

Based on our progressive pricing policy, rtMedia PRO can now be bought for $79.

Note: The final major release will cost $149, and you will get to upgrade for free for a year. After that, upgrades will be available for just 50% of the original price you pay.

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