Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin

Update: We have released new version of this plugin. Now this plugin will work fine with new template. Just follow the instruction given below.

Note: we have updated this article (screenshots and instructions) as per the changes in our plugin.

For those who do not wish to use our To WordPress migration service, and want to move their blogs from to WordPress quickly, can use our free and open-source Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin

While it is nowhere close to the number of things we handle during migration, this plugin handles most important aspect during any Blogger to WordPress import i.e. redirecting everyone from old post to same post on new WordPress blog.


You have a blog on which you want to Import to self-hosted WordPress setup. If you have done it already, this is fine as well.

As long as you have used WordPress built-in importer to Import from, you can benefit from this plugin.

Redirection Techniques Used in this Plugin:

The mapping between and WordPress posts is done on 1-to-1 basis for both search engines as well as human-visitors.

Search engines redirection is taken care of by using META Refresh tag and “rel=canonical” tags. Together these techniques should be able to compensate for 301-redirection, which is the best solution but not possible on server.

For human-visitors, they will be redirected using JavaScript codes, and if JavaScript is disabled using META Refresh tag.

While most people believes that META Refresh is deprecated method, it is best option we have. Additionally, I found some posts which suggests that it works nicely.

How To Use This Plugin

A) Generating Redirection Code for

    1. Install Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin in your WordPress blog. For help on how to install plugins to your WordPress blog, check out our guide on How to manage plugins in WordPress.
    2. After installation and activation of the plugin, you will notice that a new menu option by the name Blogger To WordPress Redirection has been created under the Tools menu. Click on this new menu option.


    1. Now on the plugin page, click the Start Configuration button to generate code for blog.


  1. A list of blog names which have posts that have been imported to WordPress, will be displayed. Click on the Get Code button to generate the redirection code.


B) Copying Code to Template

    1. After copying this code, go to your Blogger account and click on the template menu and then edit the HTML section (Edit HTML) on your Blogger Dashboard.


  1. Note: Before replacing the code, save the backup of your template.
  2. Paste the copied code from step 5 to your Blogger template and click on Save Template Changes as seen below.


C) Testing – if Redirection is working properly

  1. Come back to the Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin area and click on the Verify Configuration button to check your one-to-one redirection from your Blogspot posts to WordPress posts.


Thus you can easily move your traffic from blog to your current WordPress blog by using the ‘Blogger to WordPress Redirection’ Plugin.

Here is a short video tutorial explaining the usage of the plugin.

Video Tutorial:

Download Link: Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin
Free Support Forum: Free Support Forum

263 Responses to “Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin”

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  4. Dinesh Verma

    Similar to the tutorial on!

    • Rahul Bansal

      2 things – First this is not a tutorial. This is a WordPress plugin (as you are on you need to read a bit about WordPress to understand this!). 😉
      Second it uses pretty URLs, meta-refresh in addition to rel=canonical in template codes which help Google update your post link its index faster.
      Apart from above technical benefit, it handles most of the things automatically. :-)

      By the way, if you are looking for a tutorial then check
      It is the best till date and older than most other guides including labnol’s 😀

    • Amit Khanna

      Your comment is very old but I don’t think article is good enough. Otherwise Amit Agrawal has moved to WordPress by now rather maintaining 2 blogs 😛

      • Shahzad Saeed

        Yes Amit, I still wonder why he is maintaining 2 blogs…

  5. Bridget V

    I’m getting error messages in the new version. I had to deactivate the plug-in as it was causing my dashboard to freeze up. Below are the errors I’m receiving.

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/86/6451986/html/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/b2w-redirection.php:12) in /home/content/86/6451986/html/wp-content/plugins/redirection/ajax.php on line 23

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/86/6451986/html/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/b2w-redirection.php:12) in /home/content/86/6451986/html/wp-content/plugins/redirection/ajax.php on line 24

  6. Eboni Ife'

    Hey There! Unfortunately, the plugin is not working properly. I am getting the following error message when I try to go to any link besides my old home page.

    “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/fashipi4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/b2w-redirection.php:12) in /home2/fashipi4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/b2w-redirection.php on line 175″

    This is one of the links that was generated when I clicked the “verify configuration” button.

    Test Case

    Clicking this link »
    Should redirect to »

    My old URL —
    My new URL —

    Thank you,

  7. Eric Humphrey

    After the redirect happens on blogspot, I get to this address erichumphrey. com/?b2w= which does not forward me to the final correct address of Instead I get my blog index.

    • Nitun

      Hi Eric,
      Looks like you have deactivated this plugin, for redirection to work properly, plugin needs to be always active.Try activating the plugin.
      You can ask further queries in our forum

      • Vivek Parmar

        facing same error as mentioned by Eric and one more thing after pasting the code the template gets to code means
        plugin code contains and body tag also. Now the template already has and body tag. how these two codes work simultaneously??

        • Nitun

          Hi Vivek,
          The plugin will work fine only if you have kept it activated on the WordPress side.
          About the code that you are talking, you need to replace complete code of your classic template with the code generated by plugin, as mentioned in #B section of this article.

  8. Nicole

    I just used this but when I hit the verify configuration, I didn’t see any links to test but when I clicked view blog in blogspot, it took me directly to my wordpress blog. I did click the post tab on blogsot and clicked view on one of my blog posts and it took me straight to that post on wordpress….does this mean it worked properly?

    • Nitun

      Hey Nicole,
      Sorry for late reply,the plugin is working properly for you, please try to click on the Verify Configuration button 2-3 times.
      It should work. If you still face problem, then cross check for other activated plugins in your WordPress blog which may be conflicting with this plugin.
      Just a reminder do not deactivate it. :)

      • Nicole

        Ooops! I forgot to reply back! Thank you for the response, I wanted to let you know that everyhing is working great and thanks for the awesome plugin!! :)

  9. Chris in South Korea

    It works! Thanks for making this so easy!

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  11. stock market guru

    Wanted to thank you again, I didn’t think it was possible, but you got all those redirects and other issues straightened out in record time, for a very minimal fee, and everything is working perfectly. It was fast, cheap, and good!

    • Nitun

      Thanks Philip, for your feedback. Glad we could help you out :)

  12. All About Pakistani

    great tool thanks man i try it

  13. julia

    worked great. thank you! (formerly at

  14. John

    Why go to all this work? Why not just leave on the domain redirection in Blogger? I did a check and it’s doing the SEO friendly 301 redirect for all the blogger pages without doing the above. Does Blogger see that the DNS doesn’t point to blogger anymore and stop doing the 301 redirects for you? Would seem odd that they’d go to all that effort.

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  16. Marty

    Cool. This works! Thank you

    • Omkar Joglekar

      You’re welcome Marty. Do keep visiting :)

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  18. Kyle

    Installed, activated, pasted code to Blogger blog. Is redirecting to topdomain but get this message:

    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    BUT I don’t really have 1 -> 1 transfer of posts – I changed some and restructured the site in wordpress. So I wasn’t expecting it to be magic.

    What I’m asking is, is there a way to edit the code for specific post redirects? I don’t need all the old posts redirected, just a few.


    • Nitun

      Hi Kyle,
      I think there is something wrong while importing posts into WordPress. Did you read DIY tutorial of blog migration?

      And if you want to redirect some specific posts then you can use this Redirection Plugin.

      You can directly contact us to sort out your migration issue.

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  20. Chrysula

    Thanks for the follow-up. It’s working so that is fabulous news for me! Just noting however, that the redirect is very sluggish between my two sites. Any adjustments possible to speed that up or suggestions?

    Also, now seeing that not all my posts on the new site have the images – that was not the case before I added the redirection plug-in. Any ideas? Do I have to go back and edit every post manually to reinsert images? Ugh!!

    Thanks again.

    • Nitun

      Hi Chrysula,

      There is nothing I found yet to speed up redirect between two site, if you are using Google Chrome browser then it will take time to redirect, but for firefox it is working fine.
      About the images it is not the issue with this plugin, and instead of editing post to reinsert images, you can import all the images into WordPress hosting server. If you want then you can directly contact us


  21. Janay Green's Greeting Cards

    I could kiss your feet. I could. Thank you so much. I finally got this plugin to work.

    My mistake: I didn’t convert my template to Classic before copying/pasting the code into my Blogger template. That caused parsing errors. Now it works.

    Thank you so much.

  22. amelia

    thank you for helping total newbe like me navigate the transfer nightmare. I have a few questions:
    1) when I click on view configuration after the whole process I see no links… I checked, most links do work but some do not… any reasons?
    2) I have a non plugin related question, maybe you have an answer! I tried installing a template in wordpress and I can see the old blogger posts but I cannot see the images on the main page (I do seem them in the actual posts)…do you know what could be happening? How can I see the images in my new wordpress template home page?

    • Nitun

      Hi Amelia,
      Answers to your questions :
      1) You need to try code of this section Fixing permalinks for imported post from this user guide
      2) I think it might be the WordPress theme issue, sorry I can’t help you for this.

  23. Grace

    YOU GUYS ROCK! I had major complications migrating my blogspot to my wordpress and this worked PERFECTLY. Check out my awesome new site. THANK YOU!!!!

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  27. YAK

    Hello Rahul.I need your help.When im paste code blogger,Blogger homepage redirecting working.But when im clik posts

    Note my wp installed directory
    Whats the problem.

  28. Matěj Cepl

    When installing your plugin everything seems to work just fine (THANK YOU!), but on the top of the admin page I get this error message:

    Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in /usr/share/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3387

    • Nitun

      Please cross check, if some other plugin of your WordPress might get generating that message, try to deactivate other plugins.

  29. Matěj Cepl

    The only other plugin I have usually activated is “Raw HTML Capability” but even if I switch it off (mcepl.fedorapeople. org/tmp/active-plugins.png), the error message is still present. And I am using default Twenty Ten theme. What else? Any logs to provide? Any permissions I may screw up?

  30. Sam


    I’ve installed your plugin here:

    After following the steps from the configuration page, I clicked “Verify Configuration” and was provided with the “Test Case”. The link provided didn’t direct me to the right place and instead directed me to the new index (home page).

    The address displayed in the tool bar was: “http://my-new-blog-address/?b2w=”.

    I have kept the plugin activated. If I go to the old blogger page, it redirects me to the my new blog index. This is the only bit which is working.

    Any ideas?



  31. Nora

    The udpate is not working for me!!! The individual posts are not linking… ONLY to the home page for every link! I need this to be easy, as I am no good at this stuff! The update needs to be without problems. Please help me put the redirection plugin to indiviual posts like it was BEFORE THE UPDATE!!! This is very frustrating! And taking a lot of my time… from to

  32. Palla Ramarao

    I have the same problem as @Sam. My blogger test url is like this : windows7office.blogspot. com/2011/01/windows-7-library-icon-changer-change.html. But after using your plugin, when i type the above url, it’s giving me the following. windows7port. com/?b2w= and is linking me to the homepage.

    I’m using HOSTGATOR as the hostservice and as you suggested for @Sam, I contacted HostGator.. But they’re not able to find the solution. What should I exactly to do to make this re-direction work?

    • Nitun

      We found such issues of redirection with hostgator web-hosting, so you again need to cross check with their support team. You can see the 403 Forbidden error here.


      • Palla Ramarao

        Thanks. It was HostGator problem. I again contacted them and this time it worked. For future users who might have the same problem with HostGator, ask the support team the followig. Ask them “To release the security rule for connecting remote sites”. This was told by the tech suppory guy himself. Cool!

        • Nitun

          Thank you Palla for mentioning this term To release the security rule for connecting remote sites. It will help to other people also.

  33. Courtney Tiberio

    Hi, I have a blogger site hosted on my own domain. I want to migrate the posts and images to a temporary wordpress site while I develop the theme. Then, I want to take the new wordpress site live at the original custom domain. Is this possible? Thanks!

    • Nitun

      Hi Courtney,
      No, there will be no problem. You can import all the content from blogger blog to temporary WP site, but make sure you will not redirect blogger blog into that URL until you change temporary URL to original custom domain.

  34. Jennifer

    Hello! For those of us with a top-level domain on Blogger, do we still need to activate this plugin? I am in the process of switching to wordpress and am trying to read up on everything I can! Thanks!

    • Nitun

      Hi Jennifer,
      This plugin is useful, if you have any post on the web with “.blogspot” URL. If your blogger blog is using custom domain from day 1, then no need to activate this plugin.

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  36. Lester Fong

    It is working alright, but its PageRank has gone from PR3 to n/a. I check with a backlink tool, it shows zero. But when I us the old Blogger domain to check for domain, it shows total backlinks 197.

    Where did I go wrong?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Nitun

      Hi Lester,
      Can you show us your both blog URL ( and WordPress)? From first day of your blogger blog, you were using custom domain?
      And if all the redirection is working fine from blogger blog to WordPress blog, then I don’t think you did wrong process.

  37. Lester

    No my Blogspot site is not a custom domain. When you said “paste the code generated by plugin here”, you mean you have to delete the existing code on the clssic template first and then paste the newly generated code by the plugin, right?
    Here are two URL:

    • Nitun

      Yes, you are correct. The code regenerated by plugin should overwrite the blogger template code. You did right process, that’s why blog redirection is working perfectly. About the page rank, I am not sure, why it showing N/A. We never faced such problem,when we migrated many blogs.

  38. Pritesh Gupta

    Nice plugin, this was what needed.

  39. Pat

    It certainly did the job. My only query is do I need to leave the plugin activated or can I switch it off now – 15 months since I migrated blog

    • bloggertowp

      Leave this plugin active, because some of your reader might have old blogger blog link bookmarked with them. So this plugin will helpful that time.

      • Pat

        Thanks for that. I thought maybe once everything was transferred the plug-in had served its purpose.

  40. Bibin

    Hello, i want to migrate blogger to wordpress. But the problem is i already using a custom domain in my blogger blog. What are the steps i do to migrate my blogger with custom domain to wordpress.

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  42. Bibin

    I am using custom domain when i start my blog. Search engine index my post only in custom domain. Can i install this plugin. Give details plz

    • Nitun

      If you are using custom domain for your blogger blog from day one, then no need to use this plugin.

  43. nindrianto

    Hi. I have installed your plugin. It redirect to my new wp blog. But the old url (blogspot) is only redirect to the home page. What’s my fault?

    old url
    pls check.

    Thanks. :)

    • Nitun

      The problem you are facing is from your hosting provider.
      Did you check above mentioned comments ? Hope this will help you.

  44. Tarun Gupta

    hi I just installed your plugin and all my posts from blogger are being directed to my wordpress blogs homepage. I am using GOdaddy as hosting service. I have seen some solutions that u have provided for people who are using Hostgator as hosting provide. What is the solution for people using GODADDY service.

    Would appreciate a quick turnaround.

    • Nitun

      Hi Tarun,
      We never faced such problem with Godaddy hosting server. And I can see your domain ( is still showing blogger blog(not WordPress). Can you please provide me exact URL of your migrated blog? So that I will try to figure out solution for that.

  45. Tarun Gupta

    Hi nitun , I think I screwed up a little.

    you have a fix.php file in one if your blog posts :
    So I ran it from wordpress folder, So earlier (permalink structure in wordpress) and this (URL that comes when I click the article from my site) were referring to the same article but now after running fix.php from my wordpress folder this link is referring to some wierd looking structure like this one

    Can we revert back the changes done by fix.php ?

    Currently my site is running on (wordpress site).
    I guess we need to fix this before we redirect or else Please advice.

    • Nitun

      Hey Tarun,

      Will you please state the process of Migration you followed after WordPress installation? Where did you install WordPress and where did you run Fix.php?
      Let me say it again ‘Fix.php’ is not the reason of issue of permalink structure as explained here.

  46. Tarun Gupta

    here it is :

    SO I migrated using a blogger importer and the import of posts was successful.

    WordPress is installed in the WordPress folder on my godaddy account.
    I ran fix.php in the same folder because wp-load.php is also in the same folder.

    to make my URL from to

    I copied .htacccess & index.php files in the root folder.

    this is the entire process in a nutsheel . Where did I do wrong?

    • Nitun

      HI Tarun,
      The process that you mentioned is correct. I can not figure it out where did you go wrong without looking into your WordPress files / database.
      OR please ask in our free support forum, hope your query will get answered there.

  47. pankaj


    while importing blogger post to wordpress…it is showing 0 posts…i have more than 3000 posts.

    some time it shows all posts..but then again leave 100 posts…

    If i reset it then again it shows 0 posts. ….

    I have searched whole google…but there is nothing another effective way to import posts from blogger to wordpress..

    have u?

    • Nitun

      Yes, you can contact us. We have our own developed importer tool which will import all the posts into WordPress.

  48. Rachel R.

    I just followed the directions and went through all the steps. It seems to be working fine and redirects to the correct page without any issues. My only question is that when I verified configuration, it said it should change the link from to

    Instead, the new page url looks like this:

    It actually has the blogspot address in the new url tacked on to my wordpress domain. Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    • Nitun

      Hi Rachel,

      Your WordPress hosting server is Hostgator, you can find solution for your post redirection issue in our forum. Check out here. If you have any other technical issues, you can ask in our forum only.


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  50. Aaron

    Worked perfectly for me in WordPress version 3.2.1….Thank you!!

  51. Gabrielle

    Thank you X a million! Was wondering how to transition from blogger to word press. Truly, thank you for this plugin and piece-o-cake instructions! :-)

  52. David

    I struggled a lot with this.

    Eventually I found the solution here – nice and easy & no need for the wp plugin

    • Nitun

      Thank you David for the link.
      Our redirection plugin is doing the same thing, additionaly it complies with WordPress standards, which handles redirection in WordPress end also.

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  54. dewaarjuna

    Trust me, its Work on my WordPress blog. Thankyou so much..

  55. Dilin Anand

    I can’t thank you enough Rahul. India needs more people like you.

  56. DP


    I have installed and activated plugin, but for some reason, I can NOT get the “Start Configuration” button to work. I have clicked and clicked on the button, and nothing happens. I am using a Mac, so I have tried to click on the button in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and nothing is working.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    • Nitun

      Hey DP,
      Its a simple problem of Javascript with your browsers. Enable Javascript and it will work fine.

  57. DP

    I am using HostGator, and I have contacted them and they said this isn’t hitting any mod_sec rules in the server. So they don’t know why the button is not working for me. Any ideas? Please let me know soon.

  58. Mani

    Hi,what happened to Images on blogger blog ?
    Will images be moved to wordpress or it still hosted on blogger…?

    • Nitun

      Hi Mani,
      Yes, you can import all the images into WordPress hosting server. For that you can hire us .
      OR Keep your blog post images on blogger server. But make sure you will not delete your blogger blog 😉

  59. M.L. Stuart

    Just installed…Worked like a CHARM…from Blogger to WordPress!!! Very easy to apply…thanks so Very Very Much…. Peace:)

  60. OnkelSEOsErbe

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to understand a lot about this, like you wrote the e book in it or something. I feel that you can do with a few percent to force the message house a little bit, however other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

  61. Azad

    I’m having an issue with the redirection plugin. When i hit Start Configuration it says it found posts from instead of All my blogspot posts are now 404s. Please let me know.

  62. Rubel

    I have solved my previous problem, but it still not working. Look at those two link:

    Old Blog article:

    New Blog article:

    As you can see the old link redirect to the home page of the new Blog.
    What can i do? Please help me.


  63. Ramasamy

    myself and my friend run a sports blog and we wanted to move to wordpress. I have read everything about what to do. My doubt is that even after creating redirection will there be any issues of copied content.

    • Nitun

      Hi Ramasamy,
      You can go ahead with the redirection of blogger to WordPress, there will be no issue of copied / duplicate content, because the redirection will not show your old blogger content.

  64. Richard

    I used this to redirect two Blogger blogs to a WP blog hosted in my own domain. Verification worked fine, installed code and it worked for any post… for about an hour. Google flagged both Blogger blogs as containing MALICIOUS JAVASCRIPT and deleted both blogs in their entirety without warning and with no option to restore.

    I’m not happy. :-(

    • Nitun

      Hi Richard,
      Sorry to hear that your blogs are flagged by Google.
      I saw this problem first time. There might be any other problem by which Google Flagged yours blogs.
      We are using the same javascript code for number of bloggers’ template and they are working fine.
      If you are having any other questions, please write in detail on our support forum. Our technical team might be helpful for you.

    • Jessica

      Richard – the same thing happened to me. I am a web designer who routinely does Blogger to WordPress transfers, and I have confirmed with the Google Support Team that the problem *was* in fact caused by this script. However, I was able to get my blog reviewed and restored and I hope you were able to do the same!

      As with any online content, everyone please use extreme caution – it IS possible that Google may not restore your blog so be sure you back up both your Blogger template and your content before making any changes.

      • Nitun

        Hi Jessica,
        I can understand your concerns.
        But as per our experience till date in blog migration process, we never faced any problem with our script. Its working fine with our old clients’ blogger blog. They are still redirecting properly into WP.
        If you are still facing any problem, please provide us a detailed information about blogger and WP blog URL in our support forum.

    • Andrew

      Same thing happened to me. I had first tried another method (mentioned here:, which worked. Then while working on getting the RSS feeds moved over, I noticed this pluggin and tried it out. My old blog got deleted immediately when I pasted in the template code and saved it. Got an email about ‘malicious code’.

      I had very little following on blogspot, so I’m not going to worry about it.

  65. luz

    Everything solved! It is working. Sorry!

    • Nitun

      Hi Luz,
      I’m glad everything is working fine for your blog!
      FYI: I removed your previous comment, as it was having a script code. Hope you don’t mind. :)

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  67. Marty

    Hi there, your plugin worked perfectly. Wondering if I can deactivate it after I’ve used it? or will that break something.


    • Nitun

      Hi Marty,
      Do not deactivate the plugin, keep it active forever. If you deactivate it, the redirection of posts URLs from blogger to WordPress will not work.

  68. Blogger Blog ohne .htaccess auf Wordpress umleiten « Mein Bulaland

    […] netten WordPress Plugins names "Blogger to WordPress redirection" ging das ganz einfach. Dank einer guten Anleitung auf englisch, konnte ich dies innerhalb ein paar Minuten erledigen. Für alle, die dem Englischen nicht mächtig […]

  69. Mike

    Hi there,

    I am getting the following error when I try update my blogger html code with the code generated by the plugin:

    Error parsing XML, line 2, column 73: The value of attribute “dir” associated with an element type “null” must not contain the ‘<' character.

    Do you know what the solution for this is?

    • Nitun

      Hi Mike,
      I guess, you have pasted the code in blogger template without reverting it to Classic Template. Please cross check the section #B in above article.

  70. arafinshaon

    Hlw Rahul bro would u plz tell me how do i import my blogger posts to wordpress?

  71. rohini kumar d

    hey. thanks for the information!!
    my blog’s redirection started!!

  72. Sajith

    I didn’t use this plugin to redirect my blogger blog to wordpress. My blog on blogger was and I import it to wordpress with the name same name and same URL. What I did is I keep the custom domain on blogger as it is. Then all the posts redirected to my new wordpress blog. What I want to know is will this affect my search engine ranking? What will happen to my Page rank on Google?

    • Nitun

      As your domain name is same for WordPress, then it won’t affect the page rank. In your case the post URLs will be maintained, there is no redirection of posts.

  73. Pytanie Czytelnika: Import z do Wordpress | Marketing Internetowy Ujarzmiony

    […] z danego wpisu na zostaje przekierowany do swojego odpowiednika na Tutaj znajdziesz bardzo dobry tutorial, jak postępować po aktywacji […]

  74. Cristina

    This smart google destroy my redirect.
    I want to redirect to
    I install all, test case look ok:
    Test Case
    Clicking this link »
    Should redirect to »

    Should….BUT, because I am in Germany, google transform in
    and my website dont’t know to redirect the new link:http://suzanavisan.blogspot.DE/2011/07/mireasa-beforeafter-raluca.html and redirect all to home page.
    How to solve to work from any country???

  75. Cristina

    I discover how ti fix it.”Recently Google redirecting all blogger blogs to their respective Country code TLD’s.”
    The solution is to add an extra code (to the redirection code for, after ):

    var str= window.location.href.toString();
    if ((str.indexOf('.com/'))=='-1') {
    var str1=str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(".blogspot."));
    if (str1.indexOf('/')=='-1') {
    var str2=str1;
    else {
    var str2=str1.substring(0,str1.indexOf('/')+1);
    window.location.href =window.location.href.toString().replace(str2,'');

    So, the redirection will be:
    I go on:
    because I am in Germany Google redirect .com in .de in:
    My code redirect .de in .com =
    And again, my code redirect to my new permanent link:

    Whath to do!!! :))))
    You should also consider to add this to the plugin.
    Tnx for plugin and code!

    • Nitun

      Thanks Cristina for the code. we will definitely update our plugin for this country wide redirection issues.

  76. Christian Skelton

    Hello, I’m having trouble with the plugin. I have installed everything as suggested, but all of my blogger posts just redirect to my base WP url. I’m using WP 3.3.2.


    Clicking this link » nicolajane-mastectomywear.blogspot. com/2009/11/nicola-jane-on-flikr.html
    Should redirect to » blog.nicolajane. com/2009/11/nicola-jane-on-flickr

  77. lj

    Thank you so much for this, very helpful! I tried it and it works. I just want to ask, if I followed the steps here will this mean that I will no longer be penalized by google for double content and that this will not effect my ranking on google in any way? If anyone can answer this please let me know at Thank you in advance!!!

    • Nitun

      Hi lj,
      If you follow all the steps mentioned in above article and add the script code generated by this plugin in blogger template, then the blogger blog and other post links will redirect automatically to new WordPress blog and Google will not penalize for duplicate content.

  78. Переезд с Blogger на WordPress » Блог Андрея Лутохина

    […] статьи на вордпрессе. Описание как что делать есть на официальной странице плагина, но если вкратце: ставите на блогспоте […]

  79. Stuart Milne

    Many thanks for this plugin, it was very quick and easy to use. However, although all my Blogger posts are going through to the new website when I test them, they are all redirected to the homepage and not to the equivalent posts on the WordPress site as shown in the accompanying video to this guide. Is there something I can do to make this work?

    • Nitun

      Hi Stuart,
      Hope you are using the latest version 2.0.6 of plugin. We have updated our plugin few days before. Make sure to use the current version and keep this plugin always active in WordPress dashboard.

      • Skandalouz

        Version 2.0.6.
        Having the same issue as Stuart Milne.

        • bloggertowp

          Hello Skandalouz,
          I found that the redirection issue of your blog URLs was fixed from Hostgator end. Please get in touch with hostgator support team as mentioned here. The hosting server might reverted the mod_security again.

  80. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Thanks for the plug-in! Unfortunately, I get an error when I copy my generated code to my blogger template.
    1. This is my code:
    2. The Blogger template is in Template/Edit HTML and i checked “expand widget templates”. I copy the code above right under
    3. I get error “Scanner State 24 not Recognized” in the Blogger HTML code and can’t update the template. OR
    3A. if I paste the new code in to the very beginning of the blogger HTML, I get this error:
    Error parsing XML, line 2, column 73: The value of attribute “dir” associated with an element type “null” must not contain the ‘<' character.

    Help – what am I doing wrong?

    • Nitun

      Sorry for the delayed in my reply.
      I have removed the complete code which you have pasted in this comment section. For the questions/doubts with script code we have our free support forum.

      Anyways, you need to revert the template into “Classic Template” and then paste the code generated by plugin. It will work fine.
      Please go through complete article or video mentioned above.

  81. Jillian

    I just installed the plugin and followed you instructions and it’s working perfectly! Thanks so much for this awesome plugin!

  82. Sally_Oh

    Wow, that was so easy. Thank you! I was dreading this move but I imported the posts using the basic importer, then installed your plugin and followed your directions: badda bing. I’m a happy girl!

  83. 5 details not to miss when you move from Blogspot to WordPress - Gretchen Louise

    […] If you are using Hosted WordPress, install the Blogger to WordPress Redirection  plugin and follow the directions. […]

  84. Tessa

    This helped me a lot! Thank you for this great plugin and manual :)

  85. Sami


    2 days after installing and activating your plugin blogger deleted my account stating I had violated their TOS. I have a nutrition blog so there was no content in there that was of an unethical nature. Anyone else had this issue?

    • Nitun

      Hey Sami,
      Sorry to hear that, but we never faced such issue. I guess you need to contact blogger support. I hope they will restore it.

  86. Sue

    Thank you for posting the step-by-step instructions. Things seem to be working just right!

  87. mj

    I switched my blog to classic and pasted the new code. But it still doesn’t work. I clicked verify configuration. My old links show up but when I click them I still get a redirect.

    • Shahzad Saeed

      Hi mj,
      Please check the above screenshots. You are no more required to revert to classic template. has changed the template coding structure. You can add the code directly to your blogger template.

      • MJ

        It doesn’t work. I just did it again this morning. I deleted blogger html. I then pasted your code in the template. I then “verify configuration”. I then clicked the link that was generated. IT DOESN’T WORK! I’m using the new theme Twenty Twelve. I’ve tried using your code with both dynamic blogger and with classic blogger.

        I deleted ALL the html code in the blogger template and then pasted YOUR code in its place. Is that correct? Or should I paste it above or below the or someplace else?

  88. Shahzad Saeed

    Hi MJ, Did you add custom URL on you blogger? If yes, please remove it. Then try again.

    That is, settings>>basic -> under blog address, you should not add custom domain. Hope this resolves your issue

  89. MJ

    I removed the custom url. It is now “.blogspot” instead of “.com”. I inserted the code and it still doesn’t work. I need a better solution to this mess.

    • Shahzad Saeed

      I found that now your homepage URL is getting redirected. But the problem is on your WordPress you did not change your permalinks structure to the custom structure recommended here.

      Feel free to use the support forum if you have any problem.

      • mj

        Thanks a lot for your help. About 75% of the links are now redirecting. The only problem seems to be that WordPress included the complete url title and blogger did not. Can I fix this in WordPress or should I go back to blogger and fix them there?

        • Nitun

          Hi MJ,
          Sorry, but I edited your comments, as you have provided number of links in comment section for testing.

          Regarding URL fixing: You just need to run fix.php file mentioned in this article, it will automatically fix all the URLs of imported posts.
          Feel free to ask your question in our support forum.

  90. mj

    Hi, you’ve been a great help so far. But I hate to sound stupid. This might be a silly question but can you define what you mean by “WordPress folder”? Your tutorial says to upload to a wordpress folder. I don’t see a specific folder. There are dozens of folder plugins. Which is the correct one? But are you referring to a specific plugin folder I’ll have to activate in wordpress? I’m still in the process of getting familiar with learning wordpress .Can this be UNDONE if it is done wrong?

    From your tutorial:

    At this point you can use the following php script. Just copy-paste following codes into a file with name like fix.php and save/upload it to the WordPress folder. Then just open its URL from the browser. URL will be like: (replace with your domain name).

    get_results(“SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘blogger_permalink’”);
    foreach ($res as $row){
    $slug = explode(“/”,$row->meta_value);
    $slug = explode(“.”,$slug[3]);
    $wpdb->query(“UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_name =’” . $slug[0] . “‘ WHERE ID = $row->post_id”);
    echo “DONE”;

  91. mj

    I created a new folder in my wordpress host company called ezfix101. com/blogger_redirect_links. But it doesn’t work. The links don’t redirect. Am I supposed to upload this file to wordpress? If so where in wordpress? Is it a plugin?

    • Nitun

      Hi Mj,
      The WordPress folder means, where you have installed all the files of WordPress (the actual location). You just need to upload that fix.php file in the same folder where wp-config.php, index.php files are present. Then then browse this url ezfix101. com/fix.php. Once you are done with all the process mentioned here , you can delete that fix.php file.
      That’s it. :-)

  92. Nitun Lanjewar

    Hello All,

    Thank you for all your support to this plugin. Hope this plugin is working for everyone.
    Anyone still have a problem or questions related to Blogger to WordPress plugin, feel free to use our free support forum. Our team will help you there.


  93. concade

    Hi, it is possible to use this plugin to redirect my dotnet blogger 1 to 1 in a new wordpress dotcom site? For example I want to make a new wordpress-hosted and forward all my blogger-hosted links.

  94. Lady M

    I did this with my client’s blog and it worked perfectly!!! Thank you for providing such an easy way for redirection!

  95. Chrissy

    I followes these instructions from the tent blogger site (same instructions as yours) and it is not redirecting each post to the correct place

  96. alex

    I want to enable it on my blog menu of my wordpress platform how can it do that please reply me.

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      Hello Alex,
      You can follow instructions mentioned in above article to install and activate plugin in WordPress.
      Other useful article for WordPress plugin installation you can find here.

  97. 新サイト・コンテンツ第1弾「イギリス日和」 |

    […] 尚、Bloggerの旧サイトからは、「Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin」という物凄い便利なWorPressのプラグインを使って、リダイレクトかけているので、旧サイトのURL叩いても勝手に新サイトへ飛んでいくと思いますが、もしブックマークなどをしてくださっている奇特な方がいらしたら、新サイトの方でブックマークし直して頂ければと。 […]

  98. Lady M

    As I commented before, this plugin is fantastic and works perfectly. However I’ve been reading your many other pages and now I’m concerned I may have missed a step for the compete migration.

    I’ve imported the blog, completed the blogger to wordpress redirect, changed the feed in feedburner and redirected in blogger all without a problem. As far as I can tell, it’s working great and there has been no interruption to my client’s subscribers.

    Then I saw you have a few other steps such as “Fixing permalinks for imported post” and “Handling labels/archive pages” under the “Migrate to Blogger” tutorial where we have to add things to the .htaccess file. I’m guessing these steps are no longer necessary if I use the plugin? Is this correct? I just don’t want my clients to lose their subscribers and want to make sure I did everything necessary. Thank you for your help in advance.

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      @Lady M

      Glad to know that our DIY article helped you to migrate your client blog. :-)

      Regarding Fixing permalink and handling labels/archives: you need to add that code in .htaccess file. It will be helpful to redirect labels and archives from blogger blog to new WordPress blog.


  99. Neha

    is this plugin worked on localhost or not?

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      Yes, this plugin work with localhost also. But the redirection on localhost will be of NO use when you will add the plugin’s generated code into blogger template.

  100. nayapara

    Why my blog redirection is not redirect properly?
    Should redirect to »
    But it redirects

    Please help me.

  101. Leslie

    Google disabled my blog completely when I pasted the generated code to my edit html page – Help!

  102. Leslie

    As my per my previous email – the blog was named “availabilitynewsatpao”

  103. Part 9: Should you forward your old blog? | The Zadis Project

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  104. isaac

    if i want to change the site template design at the same time as i migrate from blogger to wordpress what is the best solution?

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      The blogger to WordPress is not depend on site template. Once you add the redirection code in blogger template, then there is no use of template.

  105. Nyssa

    The plugin is working perfectly for me. I do hope a mobile redirection will soon be available, however, since I get a lot of mobile traffic that just stays at my old blog. …I see Googlebot following the redirect onto my new blog, but still get Google searches leading to my old blog. How long before Google searches start leading people to my new blog instead of the old one?

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      You can disable the mobile redirect in your template. So, that mobile URLs will redirect automatically towards WordPress site.

      • Nyssa

        Oh good, I’ll try that and see what happens. :)

        • Nyssa

          For some reason, even though I turned off the mobile template, mobile visitors keep getting my blogspot URLs with ?m=1 appended on the end–then they end up redirected to my WordPress front page, not the page they wanted. And most of them don’t bother to search for the right page. Is there any way to fix that? I found a code that was supposed to fix it, but it disabled my .htaccess file, so I had to remove it.

  106. Simon

    Working beautifully, thanks very much for this amazing plugin!

  107. Lynn

    When I try to install (paste) the code into my blogger blog I keep getting an error message:
    Error parsing XML, line 47, column 6: The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed.

    I am not only switching from Blogger to WordPress but also to a new domain. Would this have anything to do with it? What am I doing wrong?

  108. Connie

    Hi! Tried your plugin, it’s activated, and I’ve deleted any conflicting plugins but it’s still not working properly for me.

    The old post:
    The new post should be:
    The redirection, which just points to the homepage:

    I’ve tried all the suggestions in the comments but to no avail. Do you know what’s up with my blog?

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      You may have tried some another plugin or article and added code in blogger template which creating problem. I can see bloggerURL in URL which not correct. First remove the script code from the blogger template and then use code provided by our plugin.


  109. Nyssa

    Are we supposed to change the setting on our Blogger blog to make it no longer visible to search engines?

  110. Nyssa

    I turned off my Blogger mobile template so everyone would be redirected to the new site. However, I keep seeing iPhones and Androids in my Blogger stats, which do not show up in the stats for my new site. I can’t tell if they’ve set up their phones so I can’t see their information, or if for some reason, they’re not getting through to my WordPress blog. Just now I saw what looked like somebody with an iPhone repeatedly trying to get in, but not getting through.

    • Nyssa

      Never mind; it appears to have been an issue with my own site’s configurations. It’s fixed now.

      By the way: I just had to switch servers. To my happy surprise, I could just migrate WordPress as it was, files, plugins, database and all, then re-activate the Redirect plug-in. I got a new code reflecting the new URL, and put that on Blogger. Now the re-direct works for the new site just as it did for the old one. No need to re-import the Blogger posts to the new site: Just transfer the WordPress database as-is.

  111. Candice

    Thanks so much! This worked out perfectly!


    • Nitun Lanjewar

      Hi Candice,
      Glad to here that, this plugin helped you. :-)
      I just noticed that all the old blogger post URLs are redirecting on WordPress home page instead of individual posts. Make sure you have followed all the steps mentioned here.
      If you have any questions, feel free to use our support forum.


      • Candice

        Thanks for checking it out. It seemed to work ok yesterday and has now suddenly stopped…I’ll look into it and hopefully get it figured out.

        Thanks again!

  112. Moving Blogger to WordPress: A simple guide - WordPress Tribe

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  113. vegasblogger

    I have followed the tutorial several times (starting over and doing it again) and all the links take visitor to the home page – the link structure looks like this

    it is not redirecting to the appropriate post — all plugins deactivated, etc.

  114. Denise

    I’ve just followed these instructions to get my blogger blog to redirect to my self-hosted wordpress blog and blogger deleted my blog! WTF!!

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      Hello Denise,

      We never faced such issue when added the script code generated by our plugin. There might be some mistake when you copied and pasted the code in blogger template. Also please update the current template, if you are using the old classic template in blogger.

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  116. Megan

    Hi there. I used your plugin and instructions today and this worked great. I did have to contact Hostgator to help with the mod_security settings but they were able to fix that issue and now it seems to be working. Thank you! The old blog was and the new site is Here’s an old URL as an example of the redirect in action:

  117. Christy

    I’m getting an error message that says:

    Error parsing XML, line 47, column 6: The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed.

  118. Blogger to Wordpress Migration | Daydream Reading

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  119. My stalkers are persistent little buggers, just visited yesterday, but I’m not afraid of seeing them here anymore:….. | Nyssa's Hobbit Hole

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  120. hankmadudi

    wow awesome dued… it help me alot

  121. My Story; Moving to Wordpress from Blogger | A Daydreamer's Thoughts

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  123. Ben van Duijn

    Hi.. I’ve tried many solutions but the posts are stillredirected to homepage of the new site.. is the new site..

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  124. The 19 WordPress Plugins That Keep My Blog On Track

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  125. Pankaj

    Thanks for the great plugin guys… It was really easy to setup. But I am having a problem.. when I click the verify config button it shows me 2 links when i click on the one that should redirect me to the new url i am taken to a 404 page on my site.. I guess the problem is that I was using a custom domain with blogger so my urls are like –
    should be redirected to

    Can you please suggest me something?

  126. Ilyas

    After migrate to wordpress, Is i need to remove old blogspot site from webmaster tool and add a new wordpress site or blogspot + wordpress will need to add in webmaster tool. Plese also tell when will new url show in search and when old url will vanish from google search.

    • Nitun

      Yes, you can remove the blogspot url from webmaster tool and add new WordPress url. The search engine will take sometime (month or two) to vanish old URLs.

      • Ilyas

        After move to wordpress my 50% traffic drop from google search engine and few duplicate url showing in search with some keywords, blogspot and wordpress post url showing on same page with keyword.
        Waiting Yours Reply,

  127. Ilyas

    Now my traffic is 0 visitor before moving I were receiving 25000 visitors per day, Please urgent help.

  128. Joe


    Does this plugin replace any of the steps in the tutorial? Or do all of the steps in the tutorial still need to be completed?


    • Joe

      Hi again,
      The plugin seems to have worked. But there were a couple of interesting challenges.
      The field that’s supposed to show the code that needs to go into the Blogger template was tiny, about 1×5 mm, if that. I enlarged it by dragging it, but no text was visible. We tried a few times, but nothing seemed to be working. Then I left clicked, chose “select all” and copied it. When I pasted what I had in a note, the code was there.
      Verifying didn’t work either. However, it does seem that it’s redirecting now, so I guess I”m good.

      • Nitun

        Is problem still exist Joe? Or the issue has been solved now..

        • Joe

          Hi Nitun,
          It’s still not showing. However, everything seems to have worked. All redirects appear to be in order, as far as I can tell. As long as that’s all we’re worried about, I’m fine. I thought you’d want to know it wasn’t displaying properly though.
          For a site that was getting almost 1000 hits a day, it’s odd that I haven’t had any since redirecting last night. It’s only been half a day though.

  129. Uju

    Hi. My hosting service is with hostgator so I had the error that is associated with that. I have also contacted Hostgator and they whitelisted rule 1234234 for my site so now I can redirect from to Same case with the blog posts on blogger.
    My question pls is what else do I need to do after this step cos I’ve some other stuff about permalink fixing. Should I do that? Or am I good to go
    Also, can I edit the blog posts that have been migrated to WordPress in WordPress or do I have to leave them as is

    • Nitun

      As hostgator done the whitelisting part, so remaining thing is only to fix the permalink structure, you can follow our DIY article.
      Yes, you can edit the posts in WordPress, make sure you do not change the post slugs.

  130. SS

    Hello! I installed this plugin last night and all seems to be working well, except for that the redirect doesn’t work on mobile browsers – any fixes?


    • Abhishek Kaushik

      Please disable mobile template on your blogger account.

      I hope this would resolve your problem.

  131. Oishi recipes

    Hi, I have imported the configurations while using custom DNS. After import, I changed it to old blogger url. Now the redirection plugin shows the custom domain as imported blog and all links are redirected to the homepage only.

  132. Jules F

    Thaks so much for this. Before I found your plug in and post, I’ve been pulling my hair out with other tutorials trying to do this! This is most certainly the easiest and best-explained by far!! Good work :-)

    • Abhishek Kaushik

      Your suggestions and appreciations are valuable like gem to us.

  133. babalqka

    After migrate to wordpress, Is i need to remove old blogspot site from webmaster tool and add a new wordpress site or blogspot + wordpress will need to add in webmaster tool. Plese also tell when will new url show in search and when old url will vanish from google search.

    • Abhishek Kaushik

      You need to redirect your old Blogspot url to new WordPress URL in webmaster tool.
      Regarding google search, we can not say how much time it will take to vanish old URL.

  134. Merging Blogs from Blogger to Wordpress

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  136. Arissaos

    Hi! Thank you so much. Easy to used this plugin. :)

  137. Chirag

    Am I the only one in universe for which this plugin is not working? I followed all your instructions, but the url generated have “?b2w” in them and they take me to homepage….

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      Check the support topics here, it seems like the webhosting account issues.

      • Chirag

        Hi, Nitun, thanks for reply. I did a redirect using javascript from blogger to self hosted wordpress site. This will confuse the Search engine bots for a while. I know its not a good practice, but had no choice.

        Does your plugin use meta refresh?

  138. Moving Site To WordPress From Blogger Or - Nathalie Lussier

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  139. aarronncristine.pina

    I imported from Blogger to WP, switched to Classic Template, copied the code, and now when I click the link from the “Verify Configuration” button, I get sent to a page that says “Error 403 – Forbidden”. Can you help so I can continue normal publishing schedule over the weekend?

    Kind regards, Aarron

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      Please cross check an error with web hosting support team, the 403 error is related to permission issue or mod rewrite rule.

  140. Afrasiab Ali Khan

    Hey, i have redirected my blog thanks alot for the great plugin. The only problem is that when i click on my blogger posts it takes you to the homepage of my blog. For example i want to visit : it will take you to : which is the homepage of my blog. Please help me to solve this problem thank you very much!

  141. lesley

    Hi I just used the plug in and it looks like all my posts from blogger are now on WordPress, but my images don’t show up- only when I click on the text and “next post” can I see the images. On my blog home page it’s only text.

    • Nitun Lanjewar

      All the images will show up from blogger server if images are not imported onto WordPress blog.
      If you see only text on home page, then check with your current theme settings, there might be an option to limit content.

  142. blogging resources: importing blogger content and redirects - imagine gnats

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  143. And Then There Was WordPress … | There and Back Again

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