2020 is officially coming to a close, and it has been a challenging year for just about every human being. It wouldn’t be surprising if we all just unanimously agreed this is how we think of this year 👇

That being said, we at rtCamp cannot help but be very grateful that we’re fortunate enough to be in a good place, doing lots of good work and hiring some good people.

We turned 11 this year! While we had already moved towards working in a more decentralized way back in 2015, the COVID-19 lockdown acted as a catalyst and we went 100% remote. The transition hence was not as difficult as it was for companies who worked fully out of an office.

A historic once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic is not something anyone in our bootstrapped agency had ever thought they would experience. Remote work challenges can be made easier with some processes (for eg. working out of co-working spaces or cafés) but people were never meant to be stuck at home, practicing social distancing.

rtCampers not only watched each others’ backs with empathy in such a time but also managed to thrive and grow. At the outbreak of the pandemic, Rahul sat down with Reid Peifer of Modern Tribe and Brian Krogsgard of Post Status to discuss how agencies should “Plan for the future in a time of uncertainty.”

Good Work

We did a webinar with WordPress VIP on “Building an enterprise newsletter in minutes.” We showcased the power of the WordPress block editor through our work for Mortgage Bankers Association, which was also highlighted by Matt Mullenweg at the 2019 State of the Word.

We worked with some really great companies and brands across the globe on challenging and unique projects.

  • We developed a solution to fully automate technical documentation for LearnDash, saving hundreds of hours in duplicated efforts.
  • We helped LaterPay bring their innovatory content monetization service to the WordPress VIP platform, gaining them access to a whole new market segment.
  • We re-platformed KHM Travel’s multisite network of 6,500 sites to WordPress VIP, while also making it faster, more secure, and easier to manage.
  • We migrated Videojet from the dying Adobe CQ5 to WordPress, with access to the latest and greatest in technology and features.
  • We worked with OpenWeb to build them a stunning website that speaks their brand; it’s decoupled and blazing fast.

We also worked with Cox Automotive to migrate Dealertrack from AEM to WordPress, built amp-wp.org for Google, supported Al Jazeera through a busy year, and continue to work with other old clients. Case studies dropping soon! 🔥

Open-Source for Enterprise

We figured the best way to put forth the case for Open Source Software in business would be to publish a whitepaper. AEM vs WordPress is a distillation of everything we’ve learned in 11 years of providing open source solutions to companies and carrying out proprietary ➡ open-source migrations at the enterprise scale.

We refined EasyEngine and rtMedia, adding new features and capabilities.

We also released some useful plugins. 

Community Contributions

There were three major WordPress releases this year – 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. All three versions had a few rtCampers as core contributors. We now have 21 successive major WordPress releases with core contributions from a rtCamper. 🎉

Apart from this, rtCampers also worked on other open source projects in their own time, without rtCamp’s sponsorship.

While it was certainly challenging – we are grateful for all the good things that happened to our company this year. We welcomed several new rtCampers from around the world into our team. If you’d like to work on great WordPress projects, come along and work with us!

We hope the new year brings good tidings to everyone. Here is wishing you all a Happy and Safe New Year!

That is all for this year, see you in 2021! 👋